Summer Sleep Tips

Fun in the sun and hot hazy days – it means that summer is here! But if you suffer from sleep apnea, summer can affect your ability to get that quality sleep that your body needs. Luckily, there are some simple yet effective tips you can follow so that you get your sleep and enjoy summer too! Try some of these on for size:

  1. Keep to your schedule: When there’s more daylight, who doesn’t want to spend more time outdoors? But you need to keep that schedule to be well rested. Consider getting blackout curtains, use a white noise machine at night, and try getting outside earlier in the morning to enjoy the summer time.
  2. Make sure you relax before bed: Yes, you want to take advantage of the extra light, and are willing to keep to your regular schedule. That may not be enough! You can’t come inside and expect to jump right into bed. You need to give your body some time to shift from day time activities into sleep mode. Incorporate time before bed to let yourself cool down, relax, and prepare for actual sleeping – not just bed time.
  3. Inspect your equipment: If you use a CPAP machine to help address your sleep apnea, then summer is a good time to take a peek at your equipment. Look for tears, warping, breaks, or any part that needs to be updated or replaced. This helps ensure that your machine is working efficiently, and that means great sleeps for you!

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