Good Night’s Sleep After a Night of Drinking

good night sleep after a night out

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up and the weather getting warmer, you may be thinking about going out for a few drinks with other people.

As fun as this sounds, be careful! Drinking too much can have some pretty negative consequences on your sleep, not to mention the unpleasant “hangover” symptoms you may feel the following day. Here are four tips to ensure that a night out has very little consequences to your sleep.

Pace yourself: One of the worst mistakes people tend to make when drinking is having too much at once, also known as “binge drinking.” Not only is this a bad idea, but too much alcohol at one time can have terrible effects on your REM sleep, which is essential for the deep sleep you experience to feel well rested. To avoid this, don’t drink too fast and stick to one drink at a time.

Stay hydrated: Alcohol is known to make you feel dehydrated, which not only keeps you up at night, but can make you feel miserable the next morning. If you are going out drinking, be sure to drink lots of water throughout the evening and make sure you drink water before you go to bed.

Stop early: If you have obligations in the morning, such as work, drinking into the wee hours of the morning may not be the smartest idea. Try not to let a night out disrupt your bedtime routine. Experts do not recommend drinking too close to bedtime, so maybe plan to go out a little earlier in the evening so you can still have a good time without neglecting your sleep.

Be smart: When it comes to drinking, everyone has their own limits, and depending on your age, gender, and body type, one drink tends to affect people very differently. If you know you need to call it quits after drinking a certain amount then make sure you stick to that, and have your loved ones hold you accountable.

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