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The Connection between Sleep Apnea and Mental Health

person experiencing insomnia

Sleep plays an incredibly important role in both your mental and physical health overall. It is generally recommended by experts that you get 8-10 hours of sleep per night but if you are suffering from an untreated mental health disorder, you may find yourself experiencing numerous bouts of insomnia and get considerably less sleep at…

Four Myths about Sleep Apnea

a boy sleeping with a cpap machine

Sleep apnea, as you may know, is a condition that causes a pause in your breathing for approximately 10-30 seconds while you sleep and can happen up to several times in a night. There are many myths and misinformation around sleep apnea given how complex the condition can be. Here are four myths you may…

Is Remote Working Affecting Your Sleep?

remote work and sleep

Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit back in early 2020, many office employees found themselves all of a sudden having to work from home. While the remote working life certainly has its convenience and comforts, let’s not forget the many challenges it presents, such as navigating Zoom meetings and other new technologies as well as a…