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Choosing the Right POC

Choosing the right portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is crucial for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Here’s a guide to...

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How To Clean A CPAP Mask

Regular cleaning of your CPAP mask is crucial for maintaining hygiene and ensuring effective therapy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on...

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What Is A CPAP Machine?

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is a medical device used to treat sleep apnea, a condition where breathing...

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The Best CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers

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How To Keep Your CPAP Supplies Clean

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Has your Sleep Routine Been Disrupted?

You may have a set sleep routine that you stick to each night like clockwork, this helps you to wind...

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Travelling with a CPAP Machine

If you are planning on going away this summer, you may want to start thinking about the logistics of travelling...

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Get your CPAP Ready for Summer

With the hot weather slowly starting to make an appearance, now is a great time to make sure your CPAP...

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Customer Reviews

“I was bit skeptical due to a big price difference between what my local sleep therapist was asking & what is being offered here. Finally, made a purchase here & received device within 5 days in really good packaging. Thanks PapSmart for Saving $$$$.”


“Saved over $1800.00 over Local storefront company. Thanks so much!”

Max Taylor

“Papsmart is amazing!Ordered Tuesday Arrived Thursday.”.


“Following my purchase, I wrote twice and received a response within hours of each email.These guys have been good to me. I have no regrets.It is easy to access all the settings on this machine”

Ken B.

“This is a great mask and I have not seen a better price in North America”

Ed Cherry