Travelling with a CPAP Machine

travelling with a CPAP Machine

If you are planning on going away this summer, you may want to start thinking about the logistics of travelling with your CPAP machine. While it may seem like a big nuisance, taking the time in advance to prepare will help immensely when travelling, so you can still sleep well when you are away from home.

Here are a few ways that you can prepare to travel with your CPAP:

Check for wear and tear: You do not want to run into any surprises in the form of malfunctioning parts while you are away, so take some time to make sure you check that your machine is in good working order before you go away.

Pack accordingly: Make a list of all parts with your CPAP you will need so you don’t forget anything. This includes the machine, extra batteries, tubing, mask, filters (if applicable), power cord and any adapters if you are travelling abroad. Make sure you also have a case for the machine, or a safe way to pack it so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Keep your CPAP with you at all times: If you are flying, make sure the CPAP is in your carry-on luggage. Do not put your CPAP in your checked baggage! Not only do you risk your CPAP getting damaged in transit, but if your bag gets lost, you will be without a CPAP machine for a night or more.

Think about investing in a travel size CPAP machine: Although most CPAP machines can be taken anywhere, there are smaller machines out there that are designed to be suitable for travel. This might be a good investment if you use a CPAP and travel frequently. Check out for more options.

Resist the urge to leave your CPAP at home: A poor night’s sleep is the last thing you want while travelling, otherwise your trip will not be as enjoyable. For this reason, skipping your CPAP therapy while away is not recommended.

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