Get your CPAP Ready for Summer

ResMed CPAP mask sleeping woman

With the hot weather slowly starting to make an appearance, now is a great time to make sure your CPAP machine is in great condition and ready for the warm summer nights. The hot weather tends to negatively affect those with sleep apnea, so making sure your CPAP machine is in good shape is vital to a good night’s sleep!

There are certain aspects with your CPAP therapy that may have worked well in the cold months that might not necessarily work well in the warmer months. Here are four things you can do to help get your CPAP summer ready:

Re-adjust the humidifier settings: While the humidifier may have been great in the winter when the air was drier, the extra moisture is not so great for the summer temperatures. If you cannot turn the humidifier off completely, at least keep the setting on low. This will help to avoid excessive condensation with your CPAP (also known as “rainout”) which can be extremely unpleasant.

Keep your bedroom cool: Although it may be hot outside, the cooler temperatures in the bedroom are better for helping you sleep at night, so make sure you turn your air conditioner on before bedtime and use a fan to circulate the cool air around your bedroom. Just make sure you are comfortable, and not too cold!

Double-check the parts of your device: Now is the perfect time to make sure all parts of the CPAP machine are in good working condition, including the mask and pads, tubing and the face straps. If any of the parts may soon require replacement make sure you purchase them well in advance, so they are ready to go, especially if they need to be shipped.

Keep your windows closed at night: As nice as a late-night summer breeze can be, this is not always great for your sleep apnea. This is especially true if you suffer from seasonal allergies, as the pollen in the air can make your sleep apnea worse and cause your airway to become stuffed up, even with a machine.

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