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The revolutionary contact-free solution.

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No mouth guards, nose strips, or straps. The comfortable solution has arrived.


Smart Nora is the revolutionary contact-free snoring solution with a unique design that allows users to keep using their favourite pillow, and sleep in any position.

Snoring is the result of our airways collapsing as the upper throat muscles relax during sleep. Equipped with a smart sensor, when Smart Nora detects the earliest sounds of snoring, it gently and slowly moves your pillow with incremental inflation and deflation, to restore natural breathing without disturbing the sleep of the snorer or their partner. This slight movement stimulates the relaxed throat muscles and as a result, the airway assumes its natural position, allowing you to breathe normally once again.

Invented by a snorer, the system is contact free and comfortable for both snorer and their partner.

Nora has helped tens of thousands of people get better sleep and has been featured in the national press. You can use it with your favorite pillow, sleep in any position; and it’s silent, with a portable case for travel.

A man sleeping in a bed

Sleep on your back, your side, or anywhere on the pillow.

Smart Nora is designed for side sleepers and back sleepers alike. Our pillow insert spans across the pillow. So, no matter where your go-to spot on the pillow is, we’ve got you covered.

A man sleeping

Keep your favorite pillow.

You are unique, and so is your pillow. Smart Nora’s pillow insert is designed to work with firm, soft, thin, and puffy pillows. Whether you are used to down, or memory foam, you can customize Smart Nora for comfort and consistent results.

Smart Nora’s effectiveness has been validated in an independent study and reviewed by numerous journalists:

I’m sleeping quietly with my husband for the first time since we met!

– Meggen Taylor, Forbes

Smart Nora has been a sleep saver for me and my wife.

– Alex Dalrymple, Men’s Health

Smart Nora Snoring Solution


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Product Details

Materials: Plastic, Fabric

Measurements: 10.06″L x 4.57″W x 7.25″H

Origin: Imported


  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s
  • Global Power Compatibility (110–240v)
  • Does Not Touch Any Part Of The Body
  • Lets You Sleep In Any Position
  • Silent Operation
  • The Expander Under Your Pillow Is Inflated By Air, No Embedded Electronics
  • Fits Any Pillow
  • Comes With A Beautiful Felt Bag
  • Battery Powered: Can Be Used Even When A Power Outlet Is Not Available
  • 30 Minute Delay Option: Standby If You Go To Bed And Are Not Ready For Sleep Right Away
  • You Can Adjust Smart Nora’s Functions To Your Level Of Sensitivity To Snoring + And Amount Of Motion In Your Pillow
  • Only Intended For Snoring & Not As A Replacement For Any Other Remedy


  • Pebble
  • Pillow Insert
  • Portable Soft Case
  • Overhead Mount For Optimal Microphone Position
  • USB Charger
  • USA, European, UK Plug Pack
  • Soft Cover Sleeve