Common Sleep Problems for the Spring

common sleep problem for the spring

March 18th is World Sleep Day, and with spring officially starting very soon, we are looking at a few common sleep problems that many people experience at this time of year. Spring comes with not only a change in the weather, but you may also notice a few unwanted changes in your sleeping patterns. Here are four common sleep tips for the spring problems that a lot of people deal with it.

Allergies: Yes, springtime allergies are extremely common with the warmer weather, so you may be dealing with symptoms such as sneezing and congestion that are present while you are trying to sleep. This can be extremely unpleasant and can keep you up at night, so be sure to take advantage of any over the counter medications that may alleviate your symptoms and speak to your doctor if it gets worse.

Extended sunlight: Now that the days are longer and the sun is setting later, you may find that your internal clock has been thrown off a bit. Our bodies tend to naturally wind down when it is darker so your bedtime may just be a bit off. Make sure you get in lots of sunlight during the daytime and be sure to take the time to properly wind down at night with a solid bedtime routine.

External noise: With the weather nicer, you may find yourself kept up by not only birds chirping away, but other factors, such as noisy construction projects in your area may be keeping you up. If you cannot sleep through it, try using earplugs and look at options to keep your windows as soundproof as possible.

Increase in activities: Between spending more time outdoors, an increase in social gatherings and participating in sports and other activities, your bedtimes may not be as consistent in the spring as they normally would be. While there is nothing wrong with deviating from your routine every now and then, make sure you get back on track, and avoid high intensity exercise before bedtime.

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