Which Sleep Position is Best For You?

different sleep position

Everyone has a preferred position that they sleep in almost consistently whether it’s on your side, your back, or your front. The position you sleep in plays a big role in the quality of your sleep, and different positions have different benefits, so there is no one size fits all approach. Here are a few of the different sleeping positions and their benefits.

Side Sleeper: This is one of the most common sleep positions that offers many benefits including alleviating digestion and reducing snoring. Many side sleepers prefer to either lie with their legs straight, or to keep their legs curled up close to their body in the fetal position. As great as this position can be, it has been known to cause lower backpain and shoulder stiffness. Using a pillow to prop your hips up can help with this.

Back Sleeper (Supine Position): Although not as common, this is the sleep position with the most benefits for your health. Not only does good old gravity help to keep your body evenly aligned over your spine, but it can also alleviate pressure on your back and joints. The only downside is that it is known to be a more difficult position for those with snoring or sleep apnea. Make sure you are properly supported with a good mattress and pillow and make sure you get the proper treatment for any sleep problems.

Front Sleeper (Prone Position): Sleeping on your front is not as common, although it has been known to reduce snoring and sleep apnea. Sleeping on your front side has been known to not only cause neck and back pain, as well cause strain to your muscles and joints. To alleviate this problem, make sure you invest in a good pillow and mattress.

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