CPAP Care and Maintenance Tips

If you have sleep apnea, then taking care of your CPAP equipment is an important investment to make in your overall health. The better you take care of your equipment, not only will you get better sleeps, but you will prolong the life of the machine, the mask, and any accessories you use. Here are the basics of caring for and replacing your CPAP equipment.

  • The machine: Your machine needs only a basic cleaning. After unplugging it, you can wipe away dust and other particles using a soft cloth and mild soap. Never immerse in water.
  • The mask, tubing, and filters: Use a mild, unscented soap for cleaning these items. Always hand wash and air dry away from the sunlight – never clean using the dish washer.
  • The water chamber: Use distilled water and a mild soap for cleaning. Also, do not reuse the water to prevent residue buildup.
  • The recommendations: Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations to see their suggestions about replacing parts. Keep in mind that these are guidelines, and that damaged, worn or cracked parts will need to be placed sooner. Likewise, you can use well-cared for parts a little longer. Regardless, maintaining your CPAP machine means greater rests for you. Sleep tight!

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