CPAP and Summer Travel

Whether it is a cross-country adventure or a local road trip, who doesn’t love planning a summer getaway? If you use a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, you may believe that these adventures are no longer for you. Why? Just take a look at your CPAP machine. It has a motor, tubing, the reservoir, and other accessories that make lugging around your machine on a trip extremely inconvenient. So you write travel off your list.

But wait…not so fast.

Summer travel, even with a CPAP machine, can be not just doable, but easy!

The CPAP machines of yesteryear are no more. Advancements in technology mean smaller and lighter equipment. Better yet, you can get a mini CPAP machine specifically for traveling. These machines are light, often weighing 1 pound or less, making them very portable. You can get units with plug-ins, battery packs, and even some that are solar-powered for those days when you are out in the beautiful sunshine.

If you are considering going without your CPAP machine because you are afraid of the inconvenience – don’t! You need your CPAP machine to ensure optimal health, both in terms of deeper, restful sleeps, as well as the indirect benefits of that sleep. That includes reduced risk for heart attack and stroke. And happily, with travel-size CPAP machines and their options, traveling with your CPAP machine can be a breeze!

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