Back to School Sleep Tips

It’s that time of year that students dread – or love – the most – back to school. With the teachers, homework, and assignments, the ability to be well rested can be difficult. But regardless of your school schedule, getting a good night’s rest is important to your studies and your health – and it doesn’t have to be hard either. Put these tips into your – or your child’s – night time cheat sheet:

  1. Transition: Moving suddenly from an easy schedule to a more regimented one can be jarring. So make it easy on yourself! Over the course of one or two weeks, gradually start adjusting your bedtime and waking time to one that mimics your school schedule. 
  2. Take out the technology: Games, texting, and social media. These are great distractions from both studying and sleeping. But to get a better sleep during the school year, leave the devices outside of the bedroom to avoid the beeps and the desire to check who is online.
  3. Know your body: Are you yawning? Feeling sleepy? It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out the issue – you’re tired! If your body is telling you that it wants sleep, then listen to it. You will feel better for it.
  4. Work before play: Back to school means homework and assignments. Try to get as much homework done as possible early on. That leaves more time to relax afterwards, which makes it easier to fall asleep.
  5. Nice and new: If your sheets and pillows are old, consider replacing them for a cozier snooze. 

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