Starting Out With OSA and CPAP

Being diagnosed with a sleep disorder can be difficult to digest. It is something that can be hard to accept and even more so when the prescribed solution is to wear a CPAP device.

Getting used to a device that you must sleep with every night can be difficult for some and many new CPAP users could benefit from some tips to ease the experience of starting out.

Here are some of the top tips for CPAP users: 

  • Start wearing the mask during the day while watching television. It’s a simple and effective way to ease into it so that it’s not so foreign when it’s time to sleep. 
  • Make adjustments to the straps to help make wearing the mask more comfortable. There are also specialty pillows that device wearers can try to increase comfort levels while sleeping. 
  • One of the most common reasons the device is difficult to adjust to is because the mask is ill-fitting. Make sure that the mask is specially suited to your unique features. 
  • Everyday, even during naps, use the device. This will help increase the comfort levels as it becomes apart of individual daily routines. 

Increasing the effectiveness of the CPAP device can only be done when it is used regularly and properly. However, getting used to a sleep aid can make sleep feel foreign. By utilizing these tips, there will be increased effectiveness and comfort levels to make the process more agreeable.

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