Top Tips for CPAP Care and Maintenance

How can you make sure that your CPAP machine stays in great working order for as long as possible? By taking care of it. No, it doesn’t get dragged through the mud, but it does get daily use. And over time, buildup and other residue can accumulate, wearing down parts and affecting its functioning. Happily, caring for and maintaining your CPAP machine doesn’t take much time. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Clean out the humidifier chamber every day. This helps prevent calcification and bacteria from building up. Make sure you remove the chamber from the humidifier so that you don’t get water in your machine. Do not use tap water- use distilled water instead. Also use a gentle soap and a clean cloth. Allow the chamber to dry on a towel away from sunlight.
  2. Your mask: Because this piece item gets direct usage every night, you should clean it every day as well. Wash with warm water and mild, unscented soap. You can instead buy wipes and cleaners specifically designed for your mask. Also, make sure you wash your face before wearing your mask! Moisturizers and other face creams can affect it.
  3. The filter: How you clean the filter depends if you have a disposable or non-disposable filter. If disposable, replace it at least every month, or more if it looks a bit dirty or dingy. For non-disposable filters, clean it at least every week, and more if you smoke, have critters, or if it is a high pollen time in your area.
  4. Tip top: Make sure you examine all of the parts of your CPAP machine regularly for signs of damage, wear and tear, residue buildup, or other issues that can affect its performance. Have replacement parts on hand. Keep your machine and its parts away from the sun as that can cause the parts to break down faster.

These simple tips don’t take much time at all, and will help keep your machine running efficiently. If you have any questions, ask your vendor for help – your sleep depends on it!

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