Tips for CPAP Newbies

Sleep apnea would be a far greater hardship without the use of your trusty CPAP machine, but did you know that it might be able to bring you even more relief than it already does? Here are three tips to ensure that you’re using this treatment to its fullest advantage.

Check Your Fit

If your mask doesn’t stay firmly in place when you move around, it won’t be able to regulate your breathing properly. Verify that your mask fits you properly – it shouldn’t move much under light pressure and you shouldn’t have to adjust the straps very much either. If yours really is too loose, consider switching it out for a better-fitting version.

Double Up On Treatments

Your CPAP machine is an excellent tool, but it will be even more effective if used in combination with other respiratory aids. A humidifier can help the air in your bedroom to circulate more easily through your airways, and a decongestant syrup or spray can make sure the path is clear – talk to your doctor to see if this is an option. With these extra additions giving you a boost, you’ll breathe and sleep better than ever.

Take Steps to Get Proper Sleep

Falling asleep in a reasonable amount of time can be tricky enough on its own, and adding a CPAP mask to the mix can make it harder. That’s why it’s vital that you follow a healthy sleep regimen. Go to bed at a decent hour, wake up at about the same time every day, and keep electronics away from you during your last half-hour before bed. These efforts will ensure that you get consistent restful sleep and are minimally bothered by the presence of your mask. 

Optimal CPAP use can make a massive difference to your sleep apnea symptoms, and you deserve that. Put your health first by putting these tips into action!

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