Summer CPAP Tips

Sunny days, cool breezes, and long stretches of warm weather – it must be summer! But if you have sleep apnea, then those summer days and warm nights can make sleep difficult, even if you use a CPAP machine. But there are ways you can make sleeping not just possible but refreshing, even in the summer. Here are some summer CPAP tips to keep under your pillow:

  1. Keep it cool: Trying to sleep when it’s hot outside may seem impossible. Use your air conditioner at night, but if you don’t have one, use fans. Place bowls of cool water in front of them for a refreshing mist.
  2. Shower time: Another way to prepare yourself for sleep is to take a quick shower before bed. Not only do you feel refreshed, but you can remove any particles that you are allergic to.
  3. Dark times: It’s hard to fall asleep when it is light out! Use blackout shades or heavy curtains to create the right conditions for sleeping.
  4. Clean machine: It isn’t only you that needs some sleeping TLC – your CPAP machine does too. Heat and humidity can encourage the growth of mold and other spores. Be sure to clean your machine thoroughly every day and replace your filters regularly.
  5. Schedule an appointment: If you are having particular problems sleeping during the summer, make an appointment to see your doctor. They can suggest ways to encourage sleep, advise ways to stay asleep, and help you feel recharged regardless of the hot humid conditions outside. Enjoy!

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