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The Effects of Technology on your Sleep

woman using the cellphone on the bed

Ever fallen asleep while texting or checking social media on your phone? Or maybe you are notorious for checking your email well into the night. Given how addictive our phones and other electronic can be, this is certainly something that has happened to many of us, it’s just too easy! As tempting as it may…

Need to Replace Some Parts of your CPAP Machine This Summer?

cpap replacement parts

If you’ve been using a CPAP machine for some time, then you may know that like anything else, some of the parts wear out eventually and will need to be replaced on a regular basis, no matter how often you clean them.   It may seem like a lot and it may seem costly at…

Sleep and Alcohol

a woman on the bed holding a glass of wine

Thinking about having a few drinks this weekend? Before you go too crazy, you should be aware of how alcohol could affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. While having a few drinks in moderation is usually okay for sleeping, having too much can cause problems when bedtime comes around. And let’s face…