Need to Replace Some Parts of your CPAP Machine This Summer?

cpap replacement parts

If you’ve been using a CPAP machine for some time, then you may know that like anything else, some of the parts wear out eventually and will need to be replaced on a regular basis, no matter how often you clean them.  

It may seem like a lot and it may seem costly at first (unless you get some or all of it covered by insurance), but remember that this is a very important investment in your sleep, which is an essential part of your overall well being.

Here are a few CPAP parts that can wear down quicker in the summer months:

The mask cushioning and/or headgear:

A good rule of thumb: if your CPAP mask no longer seals properly, it’s time to replace it. Your facial oils, combined with excessive sweat in the summer can cause these parts to break down a little quicker. In order to prolong the life of these parts, make sure you are cleaning your mask on a daily basis. Using a CPAP machine with a mask that is not sealing properly will cause it to not work to its full potential, and you will not sleep well as a result.


Be sure to clean the hose or tubing of your CPAP machine regularly to remove any mineral buildup, and check it for any cracks or tears. Even the smallest of deficiencies can compromise your CPAP therapy. Luckily, they can last up to a year if cleaned regularly.

CPAP Filters:

Filters need replacing the most often in your CPAP machine, especially in the summer months. Summer brings an increase of pollen in the air, which will be caught in the filters. You may want to change it more frequently in the summer months, as the CPAP machine will not function at its full potential if the filters are too dirty.

Don’t forget to clean the parts of your CPAP mask regularly! This will extend the life of the parts. Be sure to visit for your CPAP parts replacement needs.

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