Sleep and Pregnancy

sleep and pregnancy

So you are expecting a little one! This can be both an exciting and overwhelming time with many changes happening to your body. One thing that many pregnant women notice is the numerous changes in sleep habits. Considering your body is growing a baby, this is to be expected. Sleep is most definitely not something you should sacrifice at this time as it is essential both for you and your growing baby!

Here are a few ways in which your sleep changes when you are pregnant;

Increased daytime fatigue: This is one of the most common symptoms! Many pregnant women find themselves exhausted and overly tired thanks to changing hormones. This can improve once you hit the second trimester but sticking to a consistent sleep cycle will help with this.

Insomnia: There are many reasons for insomnia in pregnant women, but anxiety is one of the most common thanks to all the unknowns between the labour and delivery as well as the anxiety of impending motherhood. Finding ways to deal with your anxiety (such as journaling or meditation) is important in helping with this.

Heartburn: Again, very common in pregnant women but this can keep you up at night. To help with this, avoid eating spicy foods, especially late at night.

Frequent bathroom trips: With a baby pushing down on your bladder, frequent bathroom trips in the night can often be unavoidable. Keeping hydrated is very important but try not to drink a ton of water before bedtime to help minimize this.

Difficulty getting comfortable: As your body grows and develops, you may find that the sleep positions you are used to are no longer working, and you may find yourself tossing and turning a lot. Sleeping on your side (especially on the left) is most recommended for pregnant women and using pillows to support your stomach and/or between your knees should help you get a little more comfortable.

Nausea: Although nausea occurs more often in the morning, it can still occasionally strike at night. Try keeping a few plain crackers on hand to help settle your stomach if need be.

Be sure to speak to your doctor if you are having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. And if you need to take a short daytime nap or sleep a little bit longer, make sure you listen to your body!

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