How sugar affects your sleep

How sugar affects your sleep

If you just overindulged in some of the delicious Easter chocolate and desserts, take note! We all know how sugar is bad for you, but did you know that too much sugar can have a negative effect on your sleep?

Despite this, many of us simply cannot live without some form of sugar, whether you have it in your coffee, a mid-afternoon pick me up or if you like to have something sweet before bedtime. Ever had the “sugar crash” where you feel sleepy after eating too many sweets? This is not so good for sleeping as this can not only cause insomnia but poor sleep quality in general. Sugar is known to give you a temporary boost of energy, followed by feelings of sleepiness.

Here are three ways to prevent sugar from interfering with your sleep:

Consuming too many sweets before bed? Not a good idea: Although sugar may make you feel sleepy, it should NOT be used as a sleep aid as this will mess with your sleep cycle and cause you to feel groggy the next day. If you need to have a snack before bed, consider a piece of fruit to combat your sweets cravings. Warm milk or herbal tea before bed can also be a good idea.

Don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet: Eating a balanced diet, which includes all the necessary vitamins and nutrients, will help you to maintain a regular sleep cycle, in addition to staying hydrated, getting in some physical activity, and starting your day with a proper nutritious breakfast.  

Enjoy your favorite sweets in moderation: Let’s face it, cutting out sweets is harder than it looks, and simply unrealistic for many people. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite dessert every now and then, just be smart about it! Stick to smaller portions of your favorites and consider some sugar-free alternatives.

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