Mask Breakdown: Causes and Cures

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When your CPAP mask fits just right, your experience – and your sleep – is better all around. But wearing a mask takes some getting used to, and as with many things, you may find some issues. Here are some common ones:

My mask feels a bit uncomfortable. What can I do?

There are a number of reasons why a mask may be uncomfortable. Your mask may not fit right, it could be the wrong size, or the type of mask may be wrong for you. Ask your vendor to try different masks to find one that sits more comfortably. Also remember to be patient – it may just take some time.

My mask is leaking. How can I stop this?

A leak usually means that there is a problem with the fit or the seal. Perhaps you put your mask together incorrectly – look through the instructions and try again. Your mask may not be the right size for you. Your vendor can help you find a better one.

If your mask is older, you just may need to replace it as your mask can wear out after time. Don’t forget to wash your mask either – residue can build up, affecting the seals of your mask. Finally, ask your doctor to help you adjust the fit.

Wow! This mask is really noisy! How can I make it quiet? 

A noisy mask often means that it isn’t sealed correctly or that it is leaking air. As above, make sure you clean your mask, have its fit adjusted, try a different one, and ask your doctor to adjust fittings.  

I have a fantastic beard – do I have to shave it off to wear my mask? 

Not necessarily. You will need to try a lot more masks to find one that can accommodate your facial hair. Trim your facial hair will also help.  

Help! My skin is getting really irritated from using my mask.

A few reasons why this can happen include;

  • Your headgear is too tight or too loose. Adjust its fit and try again.
  • Your mask is the wrong size or style. Try some different ones to find a better fit.
  • You need a new mask. A worn-out mask may not seal properly which can create skin irritations.
  • Your mask needs to be cleaned. Residue buildup can affect your mask’s ability to create a proper seal.

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