Keeping up with your CPAP routine throughout the holidays

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It’s that time of the year again! For many of us, the Christmas holidays often involves spending time with loved ones, and yes, indulging in some stuff that you may not normally be into during the year. This includes alcohol, delicious food, lots of stress and many late nights. As fun (or not) as it may be, all of this can contribute to some terrible nights of sleeping, which can result in some grinchy-like behaviour in the morning.

There may be a lot going on for you during the holidays, however you can still have a great time AND sleep well each night. Here are a few tips for staying into your normal sleep routines during the holiday season.

  • Be careful with how much alcohol you drink: as nice as it may be to let loose at that office party or on Christmas Eve with the family, having too much to drink can lead to you having a terrible sleep. You may be falling asleep faster than normal, however your sleep apnea symptoms can get significantly worse from drinking.
  • It is okay to indulge in some not so healthy foods, but don’t overdo it: it may be especially tempting to indulge on some sweets after dinner, but experts say that eating too much before bedtime can keep you awake at night, especially anything containing caffeine or sugar. That doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself at all, but know where to stop.
  • Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day: maybe you’re spending a few nights away from home, or maybe you have guests that have come to stay with you. But keeping up with your sleeping routines is very important to sleeping well. Late nights are okay, but try not to go to bed any later than an hour past your bedtime.
  • Try not to stress yourself out: we all know that the holidays can be a stressful time, between last minute Christmas shopping, cooking for family gatherings and more. But did you know that stress is a huge contributing factor for poor sleep? Be sure to take time for yourself to de-stress, even if it means vegging on the couch and watching your favourite Christmas movie.
  • Get some fresh air: whether the ground is white where you live, or whether there’s barely a snowflake on the ground, indulging in some natural daylight helps your circadian levels which in turn can help you to sleep better at night.
  • Stay consistent with your CPAP machine each night: if you think that just one night without your CPAP machine will be nothing, think again. Your sleep apnea symptoms will worsen and you will be in for some sleepless nights. It’s really not worth it at this time of the year.