I am afraid I won’t be able to sleep with a mask on my face

a man sleeping with a mask

The idea of the CPAP mask is a common anxiety amongst newly diagnosed sleep apnea patients. Having to wear this seemingly huge device across your face that exerts controlled air pressure while you sleep is something most sleep apnea patients are not thrilled with at first.

Fear not, this is a common concern amongst many new CPAP machine users and probably one of the biggest questions that doctors and sleep specialists are asked by their patients. If you’ve never had to sleep with a mask over your face then this will take some getting used to, no matter how open to the idea you may be.

A first step in this is educating yourself as to the different types of masks out there. The three main types of masks for CPAP machines include:

  • Nasal masks, which go over your nose
  • A “nasal pillow” mask that just fits under your nose
  • A full face mask that covers your mouth and nose

The type of mask you use will depend on what feels comfortable to you. For many people who are just starting out with a CPAP machine, it may be a case of trial and error with the masks, and that is okay. Once you find the mask that best fits you and your lifestyle, you will need to stay consistent with it every night in order for it to finally feel like a part of your routine.

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Here are a few tips that may help you get used to your CPAP mask:

  • Try wearing just the mask for a few hours during the daytime while you work around the house, watch TV etc. just so you can get used to the idea of the mask across your face.
  • Know what your own comfort level is. If you tend to be very claustrophobic, then the full face mask may not be for you. Similarly, those with a stronger case of sleep apnea may be better off starting with a full face mask
  • Seek advice from your doctor or sleep specialist: they will know all about the type of sleep apnea that you have and are very well educated as to what is out there in terms of CPAP masks

Many people who regularly use a CPAP have consistently raved about how much their sleep improved from continued use of their CPAP mask. So while it may sound like a lot to digest at first, just remember the end result: a better night’s sleep. Masks of all types are available on papsmart.com.

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