All About CPAP Hoses

About CPAP Hoses

There are several components that comprise a basic CPAP machine, and one of those is the tubing, or hose. The hose is the piece that connects the machine to the mask to deliver the pressurized air that treats your sleep apnea. The proper hose will deliver the correct amount of pressure that doesn’t just meet your sleep apnea needs, but will minimize leaks and excess moisture buildup as well.

Types of CPAP Hoses

Did you know that there isn’t just one type of CPAP tubing? You can choose from various types that work well with your specific CPAP machine. More modern CPAP tubing can have specialized components, such as heating elements.

Here are three main types of available CPAP hoses:

  1. Standard CPAP hoses: As the name suggests, this is the most common type of tubes. It is meant for CPAP machines that do not have a humidifier. They typically measure 22mm in diameter.
  2. Slim CPAP hoses: If you prefer a lighter tube that responds more naturally to your sleep movements, then a slim tube might be for you. They measure 15mm in diameter.
  3. Heated CPAP hoses: These tubes are meant to be used in conjunction with a CPAP humidifier. The heated tubes help make sure that the air that was warmed by the humidifier does not cool off before it gets into your airways.

Maintaining Your CPAP Hose

As with most things, you need to maintain your CPAP tubing so that it operates as well as possible. This means regular, proper cleaning. To do so, use warm water and a mild, liquid soap to hand wash. Air dry away from sunlight. It is recommended that you clean once a week, but more if it looks like it needs it, or if you have pets or live in a dustier location.

However, cleaning can only do so much. Nightly use will affect the integrity of your tubing. This means you should replace your tubing about once every three months.

Remember better, cleaner tubing will mean better sleep

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