Why Do I Need to Replace My CPAP Parts and Accessories?

Why Do I Need to Replace My CPAP Supplies?

If you are using a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea therapy, then you are aware of the initial costs to purchase the machine and its accessories. But do you realize that you have to replace some of its parts on a regular basis? And why?

Just think – you don’t use the same toothbrush for years. It begins to wear out and thus becomes less effective. To ensure your teeth get the best care, you replace your toothbrush regularly. The same concept applies to your CPAP machine. Its parts can break down or wear out too. Replacing them keeps your machine running optimally and ensures great seeps. So how often do you need to replace certain parts? Below are hints and the time frame when you should consider replacing CPAP supplies.


Your filters make sure that the air that travels from your CPAP machine to your airways is both clean and free of particles and allergens that can irritate your body. Over time, the filters become clogged or simply wear out. If you live in a region that is prone to being dusty or humid, then your filters will become clogged even faster.

You can tell when you need to replace your filters by examining them visually, particularly for discolouration and wear. Expect to replace your filters twice a month.


How does the pressurized air get from your CPAP machine into your airways? Through the tubing. With nightly usage, the tubes can start to tear or crack, meaning you get less pressurized air than you need for a restful sleep. You can tell when you need to replace the tubes in several ways: consistently poorer sleeps, tears in the tubing material, and tubes that are no longer clear in colour. Replace your tubing about every 3 months.

Humidifier Water Chamber

Using a humidifier with your CPAP machine can make a wonderful change in your night time comfort. Because it both warms and moistens the air entering your passageway, the humidifier helps minimize dry nose and mouth. It is especially useful if you have a cold or suffer from allergies. The chamber holds the distilled water for the humidifier.

When it becomes discoloured or gets cracks, it is probably time to replace the water chamber. On average, you should replace it every 6 month

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