Why do I Need to Replace my CPAP mask?

Your CPAP machine consists of multiple parts, one being the mask. You may hear from other CPAP users that at some point, you will need to get a new mask. This may leave you to wonder: why do I need to buy a new mask?

Like any item that you use daily, your mask will wear out. This can happen for different reasons. First, the constant wearing and removing will gradually stretch the mask, eventually making it fit too loosely. This affects how much air you get while using your CPAP machine.

Your natural oils and facial products that you use also affect the life of the mask. These can break down the materials in the mask, again causing it to wear out and lose its ability to seal onto your skin. You can remove a lot of these oils and products from the mask by cleaning it. However, how often and how well you clean your mask will dictate how long your mask will stay in good condition.  

Finally, daily handling of your mask can cause your mask to break down faster. Little tears and small holes will leave you mask in less than optimal condition.

Keep in mind that your mask was not built to last forever. Even with excellent care and handling, it is normal for your mask to wear out over time. Updates in mask technology can ensure that you get better CPAP therapy all the time. When the time is right, remember that a new mask equals better health. 

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