Why CPAP Users Need a Support Team

man using a cpap machine

Starting a new journey with a CPAP machine can be challenging and terrifying. While you may feel excited to finally get your sleep apnea under control, you may not know much about the device, and learning to use it properly may take some time. You may also feel overwhelmed at the fact that you have to use this machine in the first place, and get used to sleeping with it each night.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to establish a support team. Having people who support you and are there to help you is the key to success when you are on your CPAP journey.

Your CPAP support team may consist of the following people;

Friends and Family

While your loved ones may not be going through the same thing you are, don’t rule them out from your support team. These people know you the best and can lend a listening ear and provide words of encouragement. Also, don’t rule out your spouse, they are the ones sleeping next to you each night, and having them on your side can be crucial to successful CPAP therapy.

Your trusted medical professionals

Keeping a good relationship and open communication with your doctor and/or your medical team is important. They make important decisions with your medical care, so it is important that you are involved and you are able to speak up when there is an issue.

Other CPAP patients

Finding other CPAP users to connect with can be very helpful and can be a great outlet to ask any questions. They can also empathize with some of the more difficult and challenging parts of using a CPAP machine. There are many support groups out there for CPAP users, some that meet virtually and others that meet in person, your doctor may be able to recommend something that is local. There are also many online forums out there for CPAP users, and this can be a great place to go if you are not comfortable with face-to-face interaction.

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