Is Sleep Apnea Hurting your Relationship?

snoring partner disturbing the sleep of the other partner

Having sleep apnea doesn’t just affect your health and daytime function. Did you know that sleep apnea can have a big impact on your romantic relationships?

Don’t let sleep apnea tear your relationship apart!

It is actually quite common for couples to experience tension in the relationship because of sleeping issues, and untreated sleep apnea has been known to lead to many problems in the relationship.

Snoring is a very common symptom of sleep apnea that may be interfering with your partner’s ability to get a good night’s sleep. You may also find that you wake up many times throughout the night as a result of sleep apnea episodes, which could also disturb your partner’s sleep.

Although it may seem discouraging, there are ways to fix this. A bad night’s sleep for either of you could lead to poor concentration and sleepiness during the daytime and could lead to fighting, resentment, hostility, and a lower desire for intimacy. While treating your sleep apnea is essential, it is important to take your partner’s needs into account as well, they deserve a good night’s sleep too!

A few tips for sleep apnea patients to improve their relationship;

First of all, communication is key in any relationship. Lashing out at each other when you are both overtired will not help to improve your relationship in any way. If you think you have sleep apnea, or if you think your partner may be experiencing symptoms, it is important to have a conversation about these issues and seek help from your doctor if needed.

If you or your partner need to sleep in another room temporarily to sleep better, there is no shame in that. That way both of you can wake up feeling well-rested. If you do sleep in the same room together, don’t rule out the use of an earplug or a white noise machine.

Finally, be sure to stick to your CPAP treatment! While the CPAP mask may have you feeling less attractive to your spouse, remember that this is essential for getting a good night’s sleep, and in turn, your partner will sleep better as well and your relationship will improve if you are both well-rested. Visit to find the CPAP machine and mask that is right for your needs.

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