Why a full moon may be the reason why you can’t sleep

If you felt a little more tired than normal on July 13th, it’s probably because of the full moon from the night before. Seriously.

If that sounds crazy, researchers in Sweden have discovered a link between the lunar cycle and our sleep activity. Our brains are apparently more reactive whenever there is a full moon, which makes it harder for us to get to sleep.

In a similar study conducted a year ago in Switzerland, 47 healthy participants were observed as they slept in a window-less laboratory room on the night of a full moon. On average, it took them 5 minutes longer to fall asleep, and overall, they slept an average of 20 minutes less than they normally do.

Seeing as they were in a room without windows, it’s easy to ask how are these findings related to the moon?

The truth is that part is still up for speculation. While we tend to have more brain activity during a full moon (as mentioned above) they say more studies are needed before they can say for sure. One of the Swiss researchers, Dr. Michael Smith, has speculated that we may have an internal biological clock that follows the lunar cycle. But all of this is still up for speculation.

So next time there’s a full moon, it may be a good time to call it an early night.

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