Using your CPAP Machine During Summer Holidays

a woman enjoying the beach

With all this nicer weather coming around, it’s probably no surprise that you are planning your summer vacation right now (if you haven’t already). Between work and family and more, life can be very stressful and your vacation may feel very well deserved!

What’s important to remember is that weather you are on vacation or not, it is very important for you to still make sleep a priority. It is just as important for you as eating and exercising. This is more the case if you wear a CPAP machine at night.

It’s no secret that it is easy to fall off your sleep routine when you are on vacation. Whether you are spending time at the cottage, going camping, travelling anywhere or even having a “stay-cation” at home, those late nights in the hot weather with your loved ones may have you thinking its okay to neglect your CPAP machine just for a short time. But neglecting your CPAP machine is not something that you should be thinking about, even if for just one night.

Here are some tips for sticking to your CPAP machine during the summer holidays

  • If you are going away for a night or more, be sure to make arrangements to bring your CPAP machine (and all the parts) with you. There is a lot of portable CPAP technology out there to help ease the burden of bringing a large machine with you. Check out to see what is out there.  
  • Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Simply sticking to your normal bedtime routine will help you to stay on track with your CPAP therapy
  • Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle: Stick to a healthy diet and get lots of exercise. Summer comes with a lot of delicious food and there’s nothing wrong with indulging a bit once in a while, but be sure to do so in moderation. And something as simple as going for a walk with family or going for a swim in the lake will help you to sleep better at night
  • Don’t overdo it with the alcohol. You may be on vacation but drinking too much can wreak havoc on your CPAP therapy and have you feeling not so hot the next morning
  • If you have one late night or slip-up with your bedtime routine, don’t fret! It happens to the best of us and you can always get back into the routine tomorrow

So enjoy your summer vacation and the opportunity to sleep in. Getting a great sleep while you’re on vacation will help you enjoy the time off work even more!

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