Using CPAP Machine in the Hot Weather

bed partners sleeping during summer with cpap machine

Summer may officially be around the corner, but for many places in the world (especially in some parts of Canada right now), the hot and sunny weather had already arrived in full force and many of the days are long and warm. While this may get you excited for all of the good things about summer, you may be dreading the sleepless nights that come with the hot and sticky weather, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea.

No one enjoys the uncomfortable feeling of trying to sleep when it’s hot, especially if you wear a CPAP machine at night. While you may be tempted to skip your CPAP therapy just for a night or two, don’t do this! Not only will your sleep apnea symptoms get worse, you will have even more trouble sleeping than you did before, which can make you feel tired and groggy during the day.

Six tips for surviving the heat with your CPAP machine:

  1. Keep your bedroom cool: use a fan if necessary to properly circulate the air in the room and consider using blackout curtains to trap the cool air in the bedroom.
  2. Limit any excessive moisture in the bedroom: warm weather only adds moisture to the air, which can make sleeping very uncomfortable. If your bedroom is humid, consider getting a dehumidifier for the room. If your CPAP machine has a humidifier feature, you may want to turn this down for the warmer months. 
  3. Clean your CPAP machine regularly: not doing so can lead to mold growth and the oils and sweat from your body can cause the parts of the mask to break down quicker than normal. Any padding with your mask may also need to be replaced a little more frequently.  Check out CPAP Supplies and Accessories – PAPSmart Canada for replacement of your CPAP parts.
  4. Keep your sleep schedule consistent every night and don’t deviate from your sleep routine! Now is more important than ever to practice proper sleep hygiene.
  5. Stick to healthy diet and exercise habits during the daytime: also be sure to practice safe sun habits such as wearing sunscreen.
  6. Speak to your doctor for tips if you are still having trouble sleeping in the hot weather at night.

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