Tips for CPAP Beginners

Using a CPAP machine can take some getting used to. It’s important to take the time needed to feel comfortable with the machine and the process of using it every night. Here are a few tips to help ensure the best experience.

Ease Into It

Try using the machine for short periods during the day. Make adjustments to the mask and humidifier settings as needed. If necessary, use the ‘ramp’ mode; this setting starts on a lower air pressure and gradually increases, making it easier to get comfortable and fall asleep.

Keep a Calm Environment

A bedroom that is calm and soothing will help provide comfort and relaxation. A darkened room and minimized clutter are all great ways to accomplish this.  Relaxation exercises, reading and breathing exercises are also recommended.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To get the most out of the CPAP machine, cleaning and maintenance are critical. Each machine comes with detailed cleaning instructions to keep it as hygienic as possible. This includes cleaning and rinsing out the hose on a regular basis, as bacteria can build up over time.

Getting comfortable with the CPAP machine will take some time but with regular, every day use, it will soon become part of a nightly routine that doesn’t take a second thought.

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