The Pros and Cons of Taking a Nap

man taking a nap

Are you unsure if taking a nap in the middle of the day is good for you?

The Answer? It really depends. There are many instances where napping can provide a lot of benefits. However, a nap during the day may not necessarily be beneficial for everyone.

The pros of napping

There can be many benefits to a nap, including reduced fatigue, increased alertness, and improved mood. If you experience any sort of sleep loss, such as a late night or a bad night’s sleep, a short nap can help you to feel back on track with your regular sleep cycle. Also, many shift workers who work during the nighttime hours often take advantage of naps during the daytime, that way they are more alert and can perform better at work.

The cons of napping

Not everyone will feel the benefits of a nap. Trying to sleep in the daytime can be challenging for some people and you may actually find that naps are counterproductive. You may feel even more tired and groggy than before and may have trouble falling asleep once bedtime comes around. Also, naps may be a challenge if you are away from your own sleeping environment for any reason, such as travel.  

Four tips for getting the most out of your nap

  1. Keep your naps short: even an hour or less can be beneficial. Don’t hesitate to set an alarm if you need to.
  2. Take your naps earlier in the day: early afternoon is usually the best time. Taking a nap too late in the day can mess with your internal clock.
  3. Practice relaxation exercises: try to take this time to let go of any daily stresses you may have in order to get the most out of your nap.
  4. Create a suitable environment for napping: take your nap in a quiet and dark place with few distractions.

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