The Benefits of Heated CPAP Tubing

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Now that the nights are getting colder, the air outside is also getting dry. If you regularly use a CPAP machine to help treat your sleep apnea, then you will know that dry air can be your worst enemy. If you are waking up with a sore throat or a dry nose then you are not alone as this is very common amongst CPAP users. It may be time to think about adding heated tubing into your CPAP routine.

While it may sound like an added extra, heated tubing can have numerous benefits for CPAP users and can provide a more pleasant user experience with your CPAP machine.


Sure you may already have a humidifier for your CPAP machine, but keep in mind that the humidified air still has to travel approximately 6-10 feet to the mask, depending on the length of the tubing you use. Heated tubes keep the pressurized air warm, which helps to maintain the humidity. This can help to prevent some of the unpleasant effects of dry air you may experience in the mornings, such as a sore throat and dry nose.  

Eliminating condensation

Heated tubing also helps to prevent “rainout,” which is condensation build-up inside of the tube and around it. If too much condensation builds up inside the tube with nowhere else to go, it can leak into your mask or onto the pillow, which can be very unpleasant and inconvenient.

While heated tubing can provide added peace of mind come bedtime, it is important to remember to keep the tube and all of the other parts clean on a regular basis. This will help to extend the life span of the tube and keep it in perfect working condition. Be sure to check out to see what heated tubing options are offered.  

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