Spring Sleep Hygiene Tips

We all know we want to sleep well.  We know the health and productivity benefits.  But how can we do this?  These 9 secrets of good sleep hygiene will help you get the sleep you need:

2 – A dark room helps.  Dark not only means good shades and blinds but covering any of the random led lights from TV’s, alarms, devices etc.  You can also use sleep eye covers that block out unwanted light.  

3 – A cool room helps.  Set the heat lower in the winter and air condition in the summer for better sleep.

4 – No caffeine after noon.  No coffee, tea or cola.  Caffeine can take up to 12 hours to leave our system.

5 – No alcohol.  Alcohol may help a person feel sleepy to start but it impairs sleep cycles and hurts the quality of sleep.  It can also cause the person to wake up.

6 – Consider meditation or deep breathing to help fall to sleep.

7 – Similar to meditation, progressive relaxation can also help.  Consciously go through each each muscle starting with your head and shoulders and ending at your feet and toes.  Tense then relax.

8 – Plan a wind down routine.  Lower the room lighting.  Read a book.  A good 60 to 90 minute wind down program can great enhance sleep quality.

9 – Set a regular sleep schedule.  Going to bed and waking at the same time daily helps promote better sleep.

These 9 secrets are the perfect sleep hygiene tips for the perfect night’s sleep.

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