Spring Clean Your CPAP

woman blowing nose into tissue in front of flowers

Having a CPAP machine is a great way for those with sleep apnea to get a better sleep. But like anything else any item you use daily, your CPAP machine needs to be cleaned too. Over time, dust, mold, and other particles can all accumulate in and on your machine, affecting its ability to operate. Here are some tips to give your machine a spring cleaning to keep it running smoothly and at peak performance:

  1. Clean each hose thoroughly and let them air dry. If either tube appears cracked or broken, replace them with updated tubes.
  2. Wipe your mask to remove dirt, oil, and other debris that can quickly build up. Wipes can also refresh your mask to ensure a sweet slumber. Use wipes intended for CPAP machines to avoid harsh chemicals that can eat away at your mask.
  3. To keep your air fresh and clean while you sleep, replace your filters with new ones. Consider getting a bacteria filter to help prevent microbes from entering your mask.
  4. To remove any mold buildup, clean and disinfect your humidifier chamber with a solution designed specifically for CPAP machines.
  5. Wash your headgear by hand – do not put in the dishwasher or lay it out in the sun to dry as the as heat can warp the components.
  6. Never use bleach or alcohol-based cleansers to clean your machine and components. Use unscented mild soaps instead.
  7. Check all other components of your CPAP machine thoroughly and replace any parts that have warped, cannot be cleaned completely, or have cracked.

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