Sleep tips for runners

For all you runners out there, the night before a marathon run can feel like the night before Christmas. On the one night where getting enough sleep is crucial to your performance the next day, it’s easy to forgo sleeping in favor of tossing and turning and lying awake in anticipation.

This is no time to skimp out on the shut-eye. Tired and groggy are two things you do NOT want to feel on the day of a big race that you’ve spent countless weeks training for. Sleeping right is just as important as eating right and it is very important that you make sleep a priority, especially the week before the race. Don’t feel bad if you have to pass on some other commitments in order to get the proper 8 hours per night that you need.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing for your next big marathon:

  • Make sure your room is the perfect sleeping environment: keep the room cool and dark and keep your electronic devices out of the room
  • Before you go to sleep, take 5 minutes to yourself and relax. Get yourself into a position that is comfortable for you and focus on your deep breathing. Take this time to mentally compose yourself and push away any negative thoughts that are dragging you down before the race.
  • Get organized. The week before the race, plan out exactly what you’re going to wear and exactly what you’re going to eat so you won’t have to think of it the morning of. Take it a step further by making yourself a to-do list so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Don’t stress! While being a little bit nervous is not a bad thing at all, stressing about a race too much can impede on your final race time. Stay calm and relaxed and just imagine the pride you’ll feel once it’s all over with.

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