Six Common CPAP Problems and How to Fix Them

man holding a cpap machine

Your CPAP machine can be a fantastic tool for helping with your sleep apnea. But like any other technological device, it is not perfect and can have its common problems and frustrations. It is important to remember that you are not dealing with this alone. Many of these issues are very common amongst CPAP users and can be easily fixed.

Check out some common CPAP user problems below, along with tips on how to fix these.

  1. The mask makes me feel claustrophobic

This is very common, especially for new CPAP users! Try to put the mask on your face during the day for a short period of time to get used to it, or think about switching to a nasal mask instead, if using a full face mask.

  • The forced air pressure makes me feel uncomfortable

This can certainly feel overwhelming for many people. If you are new to using a CPAP machine, start with a lower air setting if possible. You can also look into machines that automatically adjust the air pressure as you sleep.

  • The machine is too noisy

Luckily, most newer models of CPAP machines are silent, but make sure the air filters and tubing are all clean and unblocked as this can create unnecessary noise. Earplugs and white noise machines can help too if the noise is still bothersome.

  • My nose feels very dry and stuffy

A heated humidifier should help with this but make sure the mask is properly sealed on your face and there are no leaks. You can also try using a nasal saline spray before bedtime to help with this.

  • My mouth is dry

This is a very common problem for patients who breathe through their mouths. A humidifier should help with this or try using a chin strap to reduce any air leakage.

  • My skin feels irritated

If you are developing any skin irritation or sores, your mask may not be fitting properly, or it’s worn out and needs to be replaced. Try adjusting the straps and padding for a better fit and be sure to keep your mask clean regularly.

If you are still having issues that cannot be resolved on your own, speak to your doctor for advice. Be sure to check out for lots of choices for masks and other parts for your CPAP machine.

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