Seasonal Allergies and CPAP Use

woman having allergies with floweres

Allergies: they’re one of spring’s biggest enemies that affect most of us. Between the sneezing, nasal congestion, dry eyes and more, they are nothing more than a nuisance.

Dealing with all of this along with using your CPAP machine regularly may make your allergies feel like even more irritating. This uncomfortable time may have you convinced that it will be okay to forgo the use of your CPAP machine just for a night or two. It won’t make too much of a difference, right?

Think again. Night after night, your CPAP machine is essential for you to be able to breathe normally as you sleep. And the consequences of going without it, even for just one night are really not worth it.

Here are some tips to alleviating your allergies to sleep better at night:

  • Be sure to regularly change the filter in your CPAP machine and keep it clean on a regular basis!
  • Keep all your bedding fresh and clean and keep your windows closed during heavy pollen seasons
  • If you don’t have a humidifier for your CPAP machine already, definitely think about getting one! If you are waking up feeling very dry, this will help with that.
  • Take an antihistamine before bedtime to help with your allergy symptoms (but check with your doctor first!)
  • Practice healthy habits in your daily life: eat a balanced diet, get lots of exercise and quit smoking

No one enjoys spring allergies, that’s for sure. But there are ways around it. There is so much to enjoy about the warmer weather so you don’t need to feel stuffy all the time! Be sure to consult your doctor if it gets even more serious.

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