Is it time to replace the parts of your CPAP machine?

Now that 2017 is in full swing, it is time to start taking a good look at your CPAP machine and do a bit of an inventory as to which parts are working great and which parts could stand to get a bit of an upgrade.

Maybe you were only diagnosed with sleep apnea very recently and your machine is relatively new, or maybe you’ve been using your CPAP machine for years and the parts are starting to get worn out. Either way, keeping your CPAP machine in top working condition is essential to helping you get a great nights’ sleep. Part of this will mean that you need to upgrade some parts of your machine every once in a while.

And when should you be replacing those parts?

  • Nasal and full face cushions: experts recommend every 15-30 days. The oils on your face tend to break down the material faster, making them wear out quickly
  • Headgear: this should be replaced every 6 months as the elasticity can wear down and make your mask not fit properly
  • Tubing: with proper cleaning, this can last as long as 3 months before a replacement is needed
  • Filter: this can last as long as 1 month, possibly less depending on how dusty the environment around it is
  • Machine: CPAP machines can last as long as 5-7 years if taken care of properly
  • Humidifier this should be replaced every 6 months as the chamber can become discoloured and break down due to overuse

Some tips to remember when planning out your CPAP machine upgrades:

  • Always keep your receipts and write down the dates that you got the new part(s) for your machine, this will help you to keep track of how long they have been around and when they should be replaced
  • If some (or all) of your CPAP machine parts can be covered by your insurance provider, be sure to check beforehand as to what is covered and what is not so you do not run into any surprises
  • Keeping your machine clean on a regular basis will help your CPAP machine to last longer. Be sure to incorporate this into your daily or weekly routine!

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