Getting your CPAP Ready for the Fall Season

CPAP ready for the fall season

Now that the weather is slowly starting to transition into the cooler fall temperatures, the nights are now getting cooler. The fall can be a fantastic time to make sure your CPAP machine is in perfect working condition. This is to ensure your sleep apnea is being treated and you have a good night’s sleep without any interruptions.

Here are a few ways to get your CPAP machine ready for the fall months;

Give your CPAP a deep clean

While cleaning your CPAP machine is recommended on a regular basis, doing a deep clean every so often can be extremely beneficial and can extend the life of some of the parts to your CPAP machine. It is best to clean the CPAP parts in the morning and leave them out to air dry so they are clean and dry once it’s time for bed. Do not leave any parts in direct sunlight and do not use bleach to clean your CPAP.

Take inventory of your CPAP parts

The fall can be an excellent time to take inventory on any parts that may be starting to wear down. Many items such as the mask cushions, tubing, headgear, and/or chin straps (if applicable) do have a life span. If you find these are starting to wear down, then now is the perfect time to be replacing these parts. It is also helpful to check the machine itself; if the cords are starting to wear down or the machine is not working to its full potential, you may need to think about replacing it. Check out for any CPAP parts you need.   

Double-check the CPAP humidifier

Now that the nights are cooler, you may find yourself making use of the humidifier more often than before. Be sure to check the humidifier filters at least once a week. If they are dirty or discolored, then it is time to replace them or clean them (if they are not disposable). The humidifier can be a fantastic addition to your CPAP, especially in the cooler months, so it is important to make sure it is in perfect working condition.  

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