Getting the Most Out of Your CPAP Supplies

Now that you have your CPAP machine, your line of defence is to use your machine every day. Better sleeps mean better health. But there’s more to CPAP life than merely using your machine. By understanding what your CPAP supplies have to offer, you can take advantage of the opportunities for comfort. Consider some of these options:

  1. Get a fresher air flow: If you have a water system in your home, then you know you need to change the filters for best results. The same applies to your CPAP machine. The filter helps remove dust and other particles so that you can breathe easy. Check the manufacturer suggestions for replacement times, and replace more frequently if you have pets or live in a dustier locale.
  2. Use a humidifier: If you are prone to allergies or live in a dusty locale, then you may get dry airways frequently. But a humidifier can change that. It helps keep your airways moist, meaning better sleeps. You can get a humidifier that is integrated into your CPAP machine.  
  3. Get comfortable: Using your CPAP machine and hoses should be as comfortable as possible, and there are supplies that let that happen. For example, you can get extra long tubes to help if you toss and turn at night. If you do have long tubes, you can get a lift system to prevent them from getting tangled. 
  4. Check out all settings: Take a look at your CPAP machine – its options can make sleep just that much nicer. For example, it could have a setting that allows you to reach your desired pressure setting gently and gradually instead of immediately. There could also be a setting that detects whether or not you are wearing or mask, and then adjusts the airflow accordingly.
  5. Get smart!: Technology is with us – and with your CPAP machine too. You can get sleep tracking software that lets you know precisely what is going on when you sleep, such as air leaks or a high AHI, and at what points. You can see the metrics, find patterns, and identify ways to improve your sleeps.

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