Different Types of CPAP Machines

types of CPAP machines

Your CPAP machine is one of the most valuable parts of your CPAP experience. After all, without the machine, the rest of the parts will not work!

The CPAP machine is designed to generate continuous air pressure to relieve symptoms of sleep apnea. They are meant to last several years. If you are just starting then you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices you have for CPAP machines, and that’s okay!

A few machines to keep in mind:

Standard CPAP Machine: this machine provides continuous air pressure at one specified rate, which can typically only be set by your doctor. These machines are best for patients with mild to moderate forms of sleep apnea. You will probably need the air pressure level changed over time by your doctor if you feel that the current setting is not working for you.

Auto CPAP machine: also known as an APAP, these machines automatically adjust the rates of the continuous air pressure throughout the night based on the changes in your breathing patterns. If you have a more severe form of sleep apnea, if you move around frequently as you sleep, or if you are going through a lifestyle change such as weight loss, then these machines are probably better for you.

Travel or Mini CPAP machine: this is a smaller machine that is excellent if you travel a lot and need to take the machine with you. Many of these machines have options for auto or fixed settings if you are on the go. As handy as the smaller size is, keep in mind that these machines are not meant for everyday use and may wear out quicker.

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