Creating a CPAP Friendly Bedroom

Do you ever need help getting to sleep? Now just imagine what that could be like if you had sleep apnea. Getting used to your CPAP machine will go a long way in having those great sleeps again. But what about actually getting to sleep?

Having the right look and feel in your bedroom will not only encourage sleep, but can actually make your sleeping environment a healthy one. Here are some tips and tricks to help you:

  • Use a firm, comfortable mattress: If your bed is not comfortable, then your sleep won’t be either. If you wake up with a sore back or neck, then you may need a new mattress. Make sure your mattress is firm and comfortable, or buy a new one if your current one isn’t doing the trick.
  • Have the right bedding: Your bed may look like it belongs in a magazine, but do you really want to sleep in it? Consider getting bedding with all-natural fibers, a hypo-allergenic comforter, and a few pillows that are comfortable and offer neck support. If you don’t use it for sleeping, then remove it from your bedding.
  • Close the curtains: The best way to sleep is in a dark room. Close the curtains to eliminate as much artificial light as possible.
  • Declutter: You want your room to be a sanctuary. A messy room can make you anxious. Get rid of as much “stuff” as you can to make your room neat, tidy, and serene.
  • The right space: You need to use your CPAP machine every night, so why not create a dedicated space for it? This lets you know exactly where it belongs and makes your machine become part of your sleeping space instead of an outsider.

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