CPAP Devices and Air Travel

travel with cpap devices

If you plan on flying anywhere this summer, then you know that you will need to prepare to take your CPAP machine with you.

While travelling with your CPAP machine may not be the easiest experience in the world, it is definitely doable. Being prepared for it is what will make this easier for you. It’s not just as simple as putting the machine in a bag and taking it with you. Many airlines have restrictions for travelling with any type of portable machinery, and many airport security guards may have to inspect the device before you take off.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind for when you travel with a CPAP machine:

  • Check with the airline you are flying with to find out if there are any restrictions or policies for medical devices that you need to be aware of. For example: Air Canada recommends that you call them before your flight if you are going to be bringing the machine on board with you, even if you will not be using it during the flight.
  • Pack your CPAP machine and its parts in a travelling case, to ensure that they stay safe, and do not break
  • Do NOT put any parts of your CPAP in your checked luggage. The chance of it getting damaged in flight is too much of a risk
  • Make sure the battery in the machine is fully charged and that you bring an extra battery is necessary. If you will be gone for more than one or two nights, you may need to bring a charger for the battery in the machine.
  • If you will be travelling to a different country, be sure to check that the voltage or the plug sizes will not interfere with the use of your CPAP machine. You may need to buy an adaptor if the plugs are different in the country you are going to.

Keep in mind that there are many parts to a CPAP machine out there that are specifically made for travelling, such as the Z1 Unplugged CPAP machine found on the PapSmart website Be sure to have a look around for more options that may be a more convenient alternative to your old clunky machine.

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