Camping With CPAP

Do you like camping? Thinking of going this summer? But wait – you have sleep apnea and need to use a CPAP machine. If you think camping is out of the question, think again.

Camping with your CPAP machine is not just possible, it’s a lot easier than you may realize. You can get lightweight CPAP models, power supplies, and packing options to give you the right options for your style of camping. Here are some tips to help you plan your next trip:

  1. Use your CPAP machine!: If you want a great sleep in the great outdoors, you need to continue using your machine. So your first tip is to bring along your machine and use it. Consider purchasing a CPAP travel bag that will keep your machine and supplies safe and easy to pack.
  2. Know how to use your CPAP machine: Sure, you already know how to use your machine – but inside your own home. But have you tried it outdoors? In a tent? Before you go, have a trial run so that you can work out any kinks before your adventure begins.
  3. Get a battery pack: Because anything can happen while camping, it is a good idea to have a battery supply so that you know your machine will have power to run. Understand how to use the pack and how to determine the number of hours you have remaining. Keep in mind that the pressure setting and humidification will drain the power faster.
  4. Change that filter: Being outdoors can affect the filter more than being inside. More pollen, dirt, and debris will fill up your filter faster than you expect. Make sure your filter is clean before you go and replace it once you get home.

Having sleep apnea doesn’t have to affect your vacation plans. With a few tweaks and tests, you can continue to enjoy Mother Nature in all of her glory. If you have questions about accessories or using your machine outdoors, contact your CPAP supplier. Go for it!

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