Back To School Season Sleep Tips

Whether you are a parent, a student, a grandparent or a teacher, back to school time means a shift from a relaxed summer schedule to the regular school routine! If you had a great summer with plenty of downtime, then returning to school can be a bit of a shock. And those changes can affect a crucial component of your (or your child’s) academic success: your sleep. So here are five tips to help you adjust back into your school routine and make sure you can focus on great sleeps:

  1. Get used to the routine: Instead of cramming into a new sleep schedule, gradually adjust towards your school one. Slowly change your summertime sleep patterns until it comes close to your new one.
  2. Weekend = weekday: This can be a difficult one, especially for students, but try to keep your weekend sleep schedule as close to your weekday one as much as possible. Your body operates best with a routine!
  3. Put down the phone: It’s hard to sleep when friends and classmates keep texting. So when you want to sleep, put that phone away in a different room so that you can focus on sleeping.
  4. Nutrition: Wings and chips are tasty, but too many treat foods will affect your ability to sleep. Limit the treats and the caffeine, especially later in the day.
  5. Make it relaxing: What helps with a good night’s sleep? A comfy bedroom. Make sure your room is dark, quiet, and somewhat cool. This will encourage your body to sleep and stay asleep. Happy snoozing!

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