When is it Time For a New CPAP Mask?

You have probably experienced something like this before… you run almost four times a week and after a while notice a hole in your favorite running shoes. In another instance, you have had your bed for several years, but for the past week, you have began to wake up with back pain. The quick solution for both of these instances is to begin the replacement project for these items that had been subjected to wear and tear.

Just like your other household and personal items, your CPAP mask provides telltale signs when a replacement is on the horizon. Things to lookout for include: 

1. It no longer fits comfortably or properly. Constantly readjusting your mask can reduce how long it can work effectively. 

2. There are leaks.  Many outside forces can cause the cushions in the mask to deteriorate over time. If you feel there are leaks caused by deterioration, it may be time for a new mask.  

3. It shows sign of irreversible hygiene issues. It is important to clean your device thoroughly and properly. Ensure proper drying to reduce risks of mold and/or mask damage.  Even with a good mask hygiene routine, your mask will need to be replaced regularly.

4. It shows signs of damage. Over time, things begin to show signs of wear and tear. It may be time for replacement if your cushions lose shape, are torn, and peel away from the mask.