Summer Allergies and Snoring

Dealing with allergies at any time of the year isn’t fun. Suffering from allergies in the summer months, when you’re supposed to be enjoying all that summer has to offer is even worse. Add snoring into the mix and you may be really struggling.

So why is it that some people’s allergies get worse in the summer?

Well, seeing as trees and grass tend to pollinate in the spring and summer, those of us sensitive to certain allergens are more at risk to this kind of exposure.

Furthermore, if you work in a building that has the A/C on full blast in the summer (as many places do), or if you like to keep your home very cool in the summer, you can be at double risk of allergen exposure. When it’s hot outside, the transition of the two extreme temperatures can be a huge trigger for allergies.

For those of you who already snore, or if you suffer from (or are at risk for) sleep apnea. Your allergies can actually worsen your snoring. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make life easier for you allergy sufferers and (hopefully) cut down on snoring.

  • Make sure you are not keeping your home too moist as this can trigger mould growth. Use a dehumidifier if you need to and be sure to change the air filter regularly.
  • Keep your home clean to reduce dust.
  • Keep your pets clean, and out of your bed if possible
  • Keep yourself healthy! Your allergies will be not nearly as drastic if you eat healthy and exercise regularly.

If you follow all these steps and are still not feeling better, don’t be afraid to seek professional help

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