Sleep Tips for the Holidays

sleep tips on the holidays

The holiday season can be such a wonderful time of year, but it can also be very disruptive to your sleep schedule in a number of ways. Don’t let the lack of sleep turn you into a grinch! Here are a few ways in which your sleep can be disrupted over the holidays, and how to fix it.

Being too busy: yes, the holidays are a busy time between parties, gatherings, shopping, and more. This can make you feel overwhelmed and in turn, can affect your sleep if you are feeling anxious about everything you have to do. Take some time to slow down. Prep in advance as much as you can so you don’t feel as overwhelmed and try not to take on more than you can handle.  

Eating habits: it’s natural to want to indulge in some of your favorite foods at this time of year, it’s just too irresistible! But be careful, going to bed when you feel too bloated can disrupt your sleep and cause insomnia, not to mention it can be very uncomfortable. Pace yourself at the dinner table and stop eating when you feel full.

Drinking too much: whether you are gathering with loved ones or just enjoying a quiet night at home where you don’t have to work the next day, many people tend to go overboard drinking during the holidays. Drinking too much alcohol before bedtime can disrupt your REM sleep, making for a very restless night. An extra drink or two is usually okay but don’t go too crazy, and be sure to stay hydrated.

Not enough exercise: while it may seem too easy to just sit on the couch watching your favorite Christmas movies, be sure to get up and get in some physical activity. Try to go for a walk at least once a day or take this time to partake in your favorite outdoor winter activity. It can also be a great family bonding opportunity.

Sleeping in and staying up late: yes, late nights happen, and if you stay up late then you may find yourself sleeping in as a result, especially if you know you don’t have to work the next day. Slip-ups happen and that’s okay! Just make sure you don’t deviate too much from your routine and you get back on track the next day.

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